Single Parents and Their Effects on Education?

Answer The link between single-parent households and the educational outcomes of their children reveals the unique challenges parents -- most often single mothers -- face. The likelihood of behavioral pr... Read More »

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Are parents getting sex change of their single baby to be female to get benefits of SINGLE GIRL CHILD today?

Anatomically sex change at the earlier stage will give best result,beacause this baby would be living naturally as female sincebegining.Beautiful face,female genetic physique will be beautifullydev... Read More »

Pros of Single Gender Education?

A young girl is not afraid of computers nor is a little boy upset with being called "teacher's pet." However, as children grow, this natural fearlessness often gives way to getting caught up in gen... Read More »

The Disadvantages of Single Gender Education Schools?

Whether high school or college, single-gender schools are generally considered the cream of the crop. Parents believe that if they take their children to all-boys or all-girls schools they will re... Read More »

Single Parents - do you try to be both Mom and Dad?

My father is/was a single parent to me and my 4 brothers for many years. He did try, he tried the best he can, but he could not and can not play the mother role. Every kid will eventually realize t... Read More »