Single Braid Hairstyles?

Answer When you think of a single braid, many options might not come to mind. But done well, single braids can look elegant on just about anyone, regardless of hair type or length. Does ... Read More »

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How to Single Braid With Weave?

Single braids are often seen on African American women; many single braids are the product of a weave. The look created by single braids is a classic look that can accommodate a number of other hai... Read More »

How to Single-String Braid?

Braiding is done by taking three strands and intertwining them together. Many people think that in order to braid, you must start out with three separate strands. This is untrue, however. It is ent... Read More »

How to Single Braid Hair?

Sometimes a ponytail isn't enough. Braiding your hair can be a fun, yet simple way to keep your hair out of your face while you go about your day. Learning how to make a single braid can be frustra... Read More »

African Single Braid Styles?

African single-braid styles are popular because of their low maintenance and upkeep. Single-braid styles allow for a different look without damaging or permanently altering your hairstyle. ... Read More »