Since you CP patient of diplegic type does your child has chances of getting CP?

Answer Probably tachypneic, which is excessively rapid respiration.

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What are the chances the father of a child get custody if he abandoned the mother during pregnancy and even once denied the child and the mother is married to someone else who wants the child?

Firstly, the someone else is totally not relevant. Forget him. Abandoning the mother is between the father and mother and doesn't affect access. Access is still possible. Denying the child previo... Read More »

If a child sits on the lap of a cancer patient, will the child become sterile?

i am a chemo nurse......there is only one way that her chemo could be harmful to her son. If you mother in law has had implanted radiation for some type of abdominal cancer, then small children sh... Read More »

I want to be a homeopath. which are the most profitable type of patient to target?

I like you honesty. Most homeopaths claim that they are only doing it to help others but you need to make a living. Your target market will depend on a number of variables. Local population, transp... Read More »

What are the chances of a Type-1 Diabetic woman getting Pregnant?

You can get pregnant like most other women.Insulin does not have anything to do with fertility.Since you are planning a family, make sure to see a good perinatal doctor before becoming pregnant.The... Read More »