Since we are carbon-based creatures, wouldn't eating burnt toast be good for you?

Answer They tell us it is carcinogenic which I assume they mean its perfectly fine for you because "they" are usually lying. My cousin used to eat coal and we eat burnt offerings and we are still alive.

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My Hd tv was on then the was a loud zap sound, after which the tv smelt burnt and wouldnt accept any power?

The cause of the problem is not user-serviceable.Consult a repair shop.

Wouldnt the doctor have told me if i had diabetes or something serious since sugar showed up in my urine?

My doctor told me you need 3 readings over 126 to be diagnosed as a diabetic. Was this your regular doctor who did the physical? Why not call and ask about the glucose reading? I am sure if he w... Read More »

Can burnt toast really cause cancer?

Some of the starch in burnt toast can be converted in acrilamides, which have recently been established as probable carcinogens. A direct link hasn't been proven but it won't hurt to scrape off the... Read More »

What would you do if someone served you burnt toast?

Depends where I'm at. If I'm at a restaurant I would ask for some different toast. If I'm a guest at someones house I would be polite and try and eat it. If I'm at a close friends house I would ask... Read More »