Since we are carbon-based creatures, wouldn't eating burnt toast be good for you?

Answer They tell us it is carcinogenic which I assume they mean its perfectly fine for you because "they" are usually lying. My cousin used to eat coal and we eat burnt offerings and we are still alive.

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My Hd tv was on then the was a loud zap sound, after which the tv smelt burnt and wouldnt accept any power?

The cause of the problem is not user-serviceable.Consult a repair shop.

What would you do if someone served you burnt toast?

Depends where I'm at. If I'm at a restaurant I would ask for some different toast. If I'm a guest at someones house I would be polite and try and eat it. If I'm at a close friends house I would ask... Read More »

Can burnt toast really cause cancer?

Some of the starch in burnt toast can be converted in acrilamides, which have recently been established as probable carcinogens. A direct link hasn't been proven but it won't hurt to scrape off the... Read More »

Is eating burnt things bad for you?

I burn almost everything I try to cook and I'm still alive and kicking. LOL!I think people jumped on that bandwagon during the ancient times, when food was cooked on charcoal grills. Better yet, w... Read More »