Since my kids teeth are gonna fall out anyway, do I have to let them brush daily?

Answer If you want your kids to find strangers on the internet to make out with (and really what kind of parent wouldn't?) then I'd recommend that you continue (or start) brushing them every day, two or t... Read More »

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Be truthful, how many times do you Brush your teeth daily?

I brush 2 times a day. I'v never had a cavity & my teeth are really nice, so I keep them brushed, sparkly & clean. I HATE that nasty feeling on my teeth when they're not brushed anyways, so it's ea... Read More »

Why do my teeth bleed when I brush them?

It's your gums that are bleeding, not the teeth. Bleeding gums are mainly due to inadequate plaque removal from the teeth at the gum line. This will lead to a condition called gingivitis, or infla... Read More »

How to Brush Kids' Teeth?

Brushing your child's teeth is very important. To make sure you're brushing your child's teeth the right way read the following. Some small children need help when brushing their teeth.

Why do my teeth bleed so much when i brush them?

Go and see your dentist it sounds like you might have gingivitis if it is and you leave it you could loose your teeth.