Since Essjay, which other prominent Wikipedians have been caught faking degrees?

Answer No one, but that's because when the Essjay scandal broke, Wikipedia was already starting to become hostile to experts. Thus, even having a fictitious degree was a liability. The fake post-docs just... Read More »

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How many Wikipedians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One hundred and thirty-four, give or take a few. One to start to screw it in, forty to fight back and forth on whether or not the lightbulb is appropriate, one to destroy the bulb, sixty to argue a... Read More »

Which are more petty and vindictive: gangsters or Wikipedians?

Gangsters usually resort to violence if someone owes them money and doesn't pay them, or betrays them in some way, usually by talking to the cops. Being petty and vindictive is usually frowned upon... Read More »

How to Seem Weird Without Faking It?

So you see girls on TV or in magazines who are so off the wall, and every loves them. (but you still have haters with every style) this is how you be them.

How to Become Truly Artsy Without Faking It?

Go outside, and paint on an easel.Want to become "artsy" without being called a wannabe or a poser? Follow these instructions and you will become a artsy person.