Simulation Driving Instruction Vs. Real Road Driving?

Answer When teens are learning to drive for the first time, driving simulators can be an excellent way to give them the necessary skills to safely travel on the roadway. Are these virtual skills enough t... Read More »

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How many driving lessons do you need before driving properly on the road?

There is no average, depends on the driver, depends on the instructor, depends on the roads they take you on. Some people just take longer than others. I was lucky in that my instructor forced me o... Read More »

Driving Simulation Training?

Driving simulators come in a variety of types and serve a number of different purposes, from pure entertainment to teaching highly specialized driving skills. Simulators allow for the teaching of t... Read More »

I was driving at 34mph on a 30mph road and the camera on my side of the road flashed.?

You can go 10% over the limit, so 33mph would be the fastest you could go and get away with it.

You are driving on a country road. What should you expect to see coming towards you on YOUR side of the road"?