Sims 3: when CPS takes your child, can you see what household they're in?

Answer You may see them in someones household depends on the household though. Say you know the Bachelors and they took your child and you visit their house you may see your child there. They can only tak... Read More »

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How to Exit a Lot Once All the Sims Have Died in a Household in the Sims 2?

If all of your Sims die in a household and you can't access the main menu, exit, save and neighbourhood screens, this is what to do.

Does anyone know of anygood websites where a child can learn theyre ABCs?

This site has loads of links for alphabet learning resources:…Here are some other links;…http://www.mrsalphabet.c... Read More »

What is the household task that takes the longest to complete?

How to Make All of the Sims in a Household Happy?

Are your Sims driving you insane? Are they really hungry, super tired and badly need to use the bathroom? Well, to make them all goo back to a green, beautiful back round, well, it isn't hard. This... Read More »