Sims 3 installation help. already installed. then uninstalled now it wont read.?

Answer It wasn't meant to be.

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What computer have you successfully installed The Sims 3 on?

The Sims 3 does not require very high end components. Any mid range or better PC/Mac should run it fine. As with any game if you want it to look the best go for a higher end PC (more memory, better... Read More »

Installed xp some devices wont work?

Go to your computer site, and get all recommended drivers for your model number.

I minimized the sims 3 on my macbook pro and now it wont load it to full screen again?

Have you tried holding down the power button on your Mac?

I ave installed a program on my cell phone, it says the installation was successful but...?

It really depends, was it a game, was it in java format(jar or jad)?some programs are just like this try to download it from somewhere else it might have been damaged.