Simply, can you tell me how barcodes can be scanned either way up?

Answer I thought this too so I found this :…"Each digit in a barcode is represented by seven equal-sized vertical blocks. These are colored in either black or whi... Read More »

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Can barcodes other than the color black be scanned?

Can you simply edit text from a scanned document and how?

You can't edit text from scanned documents because a scan of a document is a picture so at this point there is no possible way.

How to Tell Barcodes Apart?

Barcodes are symbols read by machines that store data. There are two types of barcode symbologies: the standard numeric symbols we see on ordinary packaging, which refer to an external database, an... Read More »

Is there anyway to tell if a file is a scanned image?

File extension. If it has a graphic type file extension it was scanned. If it has a PDF file extension it is a PDF.~If it was scanned, OCR & converted to a PDF there is no way to tell.