Simple to Do Science Projects?

Answer Science is easier and more fun to learn when you see it happen right before your eyes. With some simple projects and experiments that you can conduct at home or at school, you can learn scientific ... Read More »

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Simple Science Projects for K-3?

The science world is one many kids would rather not get into. From test tubes to electric currents, some younger children are simply bored by science. However, science can be an engaging subject, h... Read More »

Simple Science Projects on Animals?

Animals are a popular subject for science. Many states have competitions in which young people can win ribbons and prizes for science projects involving animals. There are many different types of t... Read More »

Science Projects Using Simple Machines?

Ask a child to name a machine, and he might think of a computer or car. He may not realize that every time he turns a doorknob or ascends a skateboard ramp, he is using a simple machine. Parents an... Read More »

Simple Science Projects for the First Grade?

First-grade students learn best through experience, using hands-on and interactive activities related to scientific concepts. Combine creativity with Earth science, chemistry, biology and physical ... Read More »