Simple question. Can you name 3 Foods that u like to put Salt/Pepper on?

Answer Unfortunately they are the same food cooked three ways. I love my potatoes!!!Mashed potatoes,Chips ( that's French Fries if you aren't from UK)and Roast Potatoes.

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Simple food question. Can you name 3 foods that you like with Butter/Margarine?

Good Morning Scooter, Homemade Biscuit with butter and Raspberry perseveres.. Homemade French Toast or Waffles..Yummy Homemade Irish Bread..To die for..Your Friend,poppy1

Simple random question. Can you name 3 Breakfast Foods that u also like to have for Lunch And/or Dinner?

home fries, waffles (he he), noodles because sometimes i eat noodles for breakfast.

Simple question. Can you name 3 things that u like add on your Toast/Bagel Biscuit etc.?

Toast . . . .Nutella . . . pb . . . .butterBagel . . . cream cheese and egg.Biscuit . . . . Gravy or butter or jelly. ((((Scooter))))) I can't seem to type. It's taken me forever to answer this que... Read More »

Can you name 3 Foods that you like with Hot Sauce For those who don't like Hot Sauce can you u name 3 foods->?

I Love hot sauce! I like to mix it with a little butter and put it on my chicken! But it's also really good on nachos and tacos/burritos. I also love to add some to rice and sort of stir fry it amo... Read More »