Simple games to teach young children?

Answer What about card games? Uno, Skip Bo, Phase 10.Heads up 7 up.Hot potato.Duck, duck, goose. lolWhat about dancing/acting? Me and my daughter sing songs and act them out or dance to them sometimes. It... Read More »

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Games to Teach Young Children to Go Green?

Going green in an effort to save the environment has become popular. The hardest part of this process has been changing the habits of the masses that have been doing things the same way for so many... Read More »

Simple List of Church Skits for Young Children?

Preschool children are busy people, even at church. Keep them occupied, entertained and learning with a well-chosen skit. Stories need to be short and age-appropriate; make sure children can partic... Read More »

How to Teach Young Children to Chew Gum?

Don't give your children Skittles and Starburst and sticky sugar candy that rots their teeth. Teach them how to chew sugarless gum properly. Teaching children to chew will make them more likely to ... Read More »

How to Teach Young Children Auto Mechanics?

Children will often follow in the footsteps of their parents or relatives and gain an interest in the adult's vocation or hobby. Because of their curious nature, children want to know how things wo... Read More »