Simple drink survey anyone?

Answer 1) Tap Water or Bottled Water? Bottled Water2) Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee? Neither3) Hot Tea? or Iced Tea? Hot Tea4) Regular Soda or Diet Soda? Regular 5) Lemonade or Pink Lemonade? Pink - a bit swe... Read More »

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Anyone up for a simple Drink survey?

Merci beaucoup pour faire étoile tous mes questions français!(Thanks very much for starring all my French questions!) 1) Grape juice2) Orange juice3) Pineapple juice4) Bottled5) I've never tried ... Read More »

Anyone up for another simple Food/Drink Survey?

Hey :)1) Black Beans or Sweet Corn? ~ Sweet Corn2) Lobster or Pork Chops? ~ Lobster3) Chocolate Milk or Orange Soda ~ Chocolate Milk!4) Everything Bagel with cream Cheese or Chocolate Croissant? ~ ... Read More »

Anyone up for a simple Food/Drink survey?

A veggie burger because it's healthier and in my opinion, Boca Burgers taste better than regular :)Broccoli, only because I don't think like cauliflower tastes like anything ^.^Sprite, because I've... Read More »

Ready for a simple Food/ Drink Survey?

1) both2) steak3) both4) neither5) corn6) potato salad7) hot coffee8) hot tea9) milk10) cauliGood morinig Scooter!