Simple Random Food Poll anyone?

Answer Dear Scooter,As a-Fox, Flying (non?)-Squirel_Agent, you surely have Stored all answers! 1) What's a Nutella?2) Rosemary :)3) Light Coffee Frappuccino, add a Shot! Yum.4) I always go Swiss.5) Home ... Read More »

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Anyone up for a random/simple food survey?

Yowee unless the chips are like sweet taters, I'm gon with prentzlesShrimp. Did ya ever wonder why the markets say "Jumbo Shrimp"??? aint that kinda a contradiction/CroissantOMG Somebody gotta take... Read More »

Anyone up for a simple random food survey?

1) Peaches 2) Pineapple Cake 3) Oreo s 4) Corn On The Cob5) Green Beans6) Steak 7) Mango

Anyone up for another random/simple food survey?

1) Philly Cheese steak or Grilled Vegetable Sandwich ~ Grilled vegetable sandwich2) Peanut Butter & Jelly or Salami & Cheese ~ PB&J 3) Cookies or Crackers ~ Cookies4) Artichokes or Cauliflower ~ Bo... Read More »

Anyone up for a simple/random Food/Drink Survey?

1. Carrots (baked)2. Root beer! but tomato juice is also tasty3. Provolone 4. Wheat bread5. this is a toss up because i love both but i have to say roasted chicken!6. fruit punch––can't STAND i... Read More »