Simple Microscope Experiments?

Answer While many police forensics television shows make microscopes appear complicated, there are plenty of experiments to be done with them that can be very educational. Learning firsthand about the str... Read More »

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What is a simple microscope?

The term "simple microscope" refers to a microscope that uses only one lens to magnify objects. The term includes basic microscopes as well as hand-held magnifying glasses.UsesSimple microscopes ar... Read More »

How much does a simple microscope cost?

Simple microscopes can range in price depending on the model and the type of material used to make them. A realistic range would be between $65 and $200 This price range can buy a compound microsc... Read More »

Who was the first scientist to invent a simple microscope?

Zacharias Janssen, a spectacle maker in Holland, created the first microscope in 1595. Hans Janssen, his father, may have helped him invent the microscope, since Zacharias was only 15 at the time o... Read More »

Simple Chemical Experiments?

Chemistry is the science that studies matter, energy and the changes they undergo due to composition and reactions to other matter. There are many simple chemical experiments that can demonstrate s... Read More »