Simple Machine Projects for School?

Answer In a Forces and Motion science unit, teachers will educate students on the types of simple machines. The concepts of simple machines build upon one another, which can make it much easier for a teac... Read More »

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Simple Machine Construction Ideas for School Projects?

Simple machines are essentially mechanical devices that function to change the direction of force, making work easier for the operator of the simple machine. Simple machines are the building blocks... Read More »

Simple Machine Science Projects?

Simple machines are all around us. From the playground, to the classroom, and almost everywhere we look. It is important to try to introduce simple machine projects into children' lives so they c... Read More »

Simple & Compound Machine Projects?

Simple machines do work with one movement. There are six kinds of simple machines, the wheel and axle, screw, wedge, lever, inclined plane and the pulley. Compound machines are machines using more ... Read More »

Simple Machine Projects for 5th Grade?

Simple machines make many different types of work easier. With very few moving parts, these machines use basic scientific principals such as energy, motion and gravity to move objects from place to... Read More »