Simple Japanese cooking I'd love to cook Japanese food and their are asian stores/international market around?

Answer Stock soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin (which is just a sweet sake, so you can substitute sake and sugar) in your shelf all the time because these four ingredients are indispensable for Japanese c... Read More »

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Techniques Japanese use when cooking food?

There are many techniques used in Japanese cooking. The most common are:grilled dishes (yakimono) steamed dishes (mushimono)simmered dished (nimono)deep fried dishes (agemono)The bare minimum of th... Read More »

What type of flat fish in used in cooking Japanese food?

Flatfish, also called white fish, are popular for their lean, textured flesh and unique flavor. They’re also boneless. Flatfish commonly used in Japanese cooking include sole, turbot, flounder, h... Read More »

Do you know any online markets with japanese/asian stuff?

This website has reasonable shipping charges and is reliable:

Why do many Asian people like taking pictures so much -- eg Taiwanese. Japanese?

I'm married to a Taiwanese woman. We always have this problem: - I want to take a wonderful landscape shot of the mountains and forrests - she wants to be right in the middle of it with her 'v sig... Read More »