Simple Grid Problems?

Answer Grid problems are logic problems solved by using a grid with categories of clues across the top and down the sides. You solve the problems by eliminating what is impossible and isolating the correc... Read More »

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Simple Plumbing Problems?

Sooner or later plumbing problems will plague a home. The simplest, however, require only basic knowledge can be fixed by most consumers without enlisting the aid of a professional plumber. ... Read More »

How to Treat Simple Horse Eye Problems?

Often, horses' eyes can be effected by allergies or cuts due to injury. If the horse is squinting or avoiding the light, if the eye is red, cloudy, bulging or sunken, or if there is a discharge, so... Read More »

Is there a website your child can look at to explain renal problems in a simple child friendly way?

There is nothing like absolutely normal weight for a given age. It also depends on birth weight. Babies gain about 600grams per month for the first six months. The birth weight is approximately dou... Read More »

How to Do a Grid?

A grid is a system of coordinates consisting of vertical and horizontal perpendicular lines that create square units spaced equidistantly. Creating grids requires appropriate numbering of positive ... Read More »