Simple Food poll. Do you like eating your Sandwiches hot or cold?

Answer Most of the time, warm, but there are certain sandwiches that you eat cold, egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad unless it's a melt. In the summer, I like my sandwiches cold, except for burgers rig... Read More »

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Simple Food poll. Besides the main course what is your favorite side order when when eating at a ->?

Restaurant- Garlic mashpotato'sDinner- MeatballsFast food- french fries

Simple food question Which from this list do you like better on your Sandwiches?

C) Mayo :)Even though i shouldn't, it's soo bad for you.

POLL: How many hours can you go without eating food ?

I can go a very long time dear....there was a time in my life when I starved myself for an extremely unhealthy amount of time. I'm better now though. I've overcome my eating disorder now. : )

Simple Random Food Poll anyone?

Dear Scooter,As a-Fox, Flying (non?)-Squirel_Agent, you surely have Stored all answers! 1) What's a Nutella?2) Rosemary :)3) Light Coffee Frappuccino, add a Shot! Yum.4) I always go Swiss.5) Home ... Read More »