Simple Error Analysis Question?

Answer The average is the best estimate for b.How do you get 4 measurements with one digit after the decimal and an error with three after the decimal point? That is absurd.

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An Activity to Teach Kids Error Analysis in Math?

If you are trying to help your students find their errors in mathematics problems, there are a variety of techniques to use. You also may be able to find a computer program that allows students to ... Read More »

Efc error(fafsa question)?

They have a phone number on the website that you can call. Call them ASAP and explain the circumstances. You should be able to have them make the necessary changes over the phone.Patty

A question regarding an error I'm getting on uTorrent?

The usual reason for that is an indexing program (Google Desktop etc.) taking over the file. More info here:…

DNS server error question, kindly help?

I am by no means an expert but this exact same thing happened to me last week when my ISP's service was down for my area. I would talk to your neighbors/friends who use the same ISP and see if they... Read More »