Simple Directions for Setting up a Work Group Between Windows Vista & XP?

Answer To enable file sharing between computers on a network, both computers must also have the same workgroup name. A workgroup is simply the identifying property for a group of computers. If the two com... Read More »

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When setting up a mailbox for windows vista, do you use pop3 for a gmail server ?

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What is the best setting for security in network sharing in windows vista?

The best setting for the home is Private network as this allows you to enable file, public folder, media and printer sharing over a home network; it also turns on network discovery. If you are acce... Read More »

How to Change the Network Group Name in Windows Vista?

If you are setting up a home network to share files, printers and an Internet connection, you must give all your computers the same workgroup name. The default workgroup name differs depending on w... Read More »

What is the difference between Windows XP and Windows Vista?

Vista is VERY buggy right now. It kinda reminds me of the old Windows 3.XX and Windows 95...People were avoiding Win95 like the plague until they got the bugs worked out..MS Works should be compati... Read More »