Simple Chemical Experiments?

Answer Chemistry is the science that studies matter, energy and the changes they undergo due to composition and reactions to other matter. There are many simple chemical experiments that can demonstrate s... Read More »

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Easy and Fun Chemical Reaction Experiments?

Chemical reactions happen when one or more chemicals come in contact with one another. The reaction changes the chemicals into compound. For example, when you mix milk with chocolate, it produces c... Read More »

8th Grade Chemical Reaction Experiments?

A world of science opens up to students when they begin lab work. Getting their hands involved in the process engages their brains in different ways from a classroom lecture. Especially at the juni... Read More »

Simple Electrical Experiments?

There are plenty of experiments you can do at home to explore the power of electricity. If you are a teacher, these experiments can be a great way to explain principles of electricity to students i... Read More »

Simple Microscope Experiments?

While many police forensics television shows make microscopes appear complicated, there are plenty of experiments to be done with them that can be very educational. Learning firsthand about the str... Read More »