Simple C# Output Question?

Answer \t stands for a TAB (usually 4 spaces wide) Yahoo won't allow those in posts so ill put it as hellohllohellohel\lo6 - integer calculation1 2 - outputs a string not a calculation"quotes"\t\a - \ (ba... Read More »

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Simple Question For Everybody?

A simple c++ question?

You have several options:string OldVar="1,000,000";string NewVar="";for (i=0; i="0" and OldVar.Substr(i,1)

So a simple question, which is the best browser.?

Firefox all the way! The safest, most functional and fastest browser around. IE8 is utter crap!

HP printer simple question.....?

You can find replacement cartridges at any office supply store like OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, Best Buy or Staples.To order direct from HP here is the link…No... Read More »