Simple Breakfast poll. Which from this is list do you like getting your Breakfast from?

Answer A) Sugar free Vanilla Ice Coffee (only)B) Zip!C) OmeletsD) Shari's E) French Toast or Omelets in the home kitchen!!!!!Night, Night!

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Poll: Which do you want for breakfast Biscuits & Gravy or Pancakes?

Random poll: Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast.......?

I used to brush after until my dentist told me that by brushing after i am wearing away enamel on my teethso i do it as soon as i wake up now!

Anyone up for rating Breakfast foods On a rating of 0-10 how do u rate these Breakfast Foods from this list?

1) Cheerios ~ 52) Bacon & Eggs ~ 63) Hash Browns ~ 64) Oatmeal ~ 85) Cinnamon Roll ~ 96) Croissant ~ 47) Fruit Salad ~ 108) Corn Flakes ~ 89) Bagel with Cream Cheese ~ 810) Pancakes ~ 1:)

Simple question. what did you have for Breakfast today?

G'mornin Scooter, it's not quite 9 yet so I haven't eaten, but every mornin early, I take tea on my back porch. I'm thinking some sweet junk food though like biscuits and gravy, though they are lik... Read More »