Answer Silverlight is another media player like "Windows Media Player." Its sole purpose however is to put adobe Flash player" out of business" . The only purpose now is it to be used when watching the O... Read More »

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Is Silverlight safe?

Microsoft Corporation's Silverlight is safe to download and use. Silverlight is available for download from Microsoft's official website, which is verified as safe by TRUSTe, an organization that c... Read More »

What Is Silverlight for MSN?

Microsoft Silverlight is a web application that integrates graphics, multimedia and animation. MSN has incorporated Silverlight technology applications into a multi-feature browser graphical interf... Read More »

Who developed silverlight?

Silverlight was developed by Microsoft as a Web application framework that integrates interactivity, animations and multimedia in a single environment, the same as Adobe Flash. Silverlight allows f... Read More »

How to Debug SilverLight?

A critical part of writing any code is the debugging processes. In this stage of the process, you check completed code for errors, much as you would proofread a document. The only difference is tha... Read More »