Silverado Headlight Assembly Instructions?

Answer Since the introduction of halogen headlight capsules, the Chevy Silverado has integrated the headlight system in one or two assemblies. With generational redesigns, there may be slight variances in... Read More »

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Headlight Assembly Replacement Instructions?

A vehicle headlight assembly includes the bulb inside the plastic housing on the front of the light. Headlight assemblies mount to a car with bolts from inside the engine compartment. Flying road d... Read More »

Instructions for Replacing a Volvo S40 Headlight Assembly?

The Volvo S40's headlight assembly is more than just the housing for the headlights. This single unit also holds the parking light, turn signal, side-marker light and high beams. Removing this unit... Read More »

1992 Ford F-250 Headlight Assembly Removal Instructions?

The 1992 Ford F-250 is a full size pick-up truck with a large eight-cylinder engine installed. Removing the headlight assembly on the 1992 Ford F-250 is time-consuming and somewhat difficult. The s... Read More »

1969 Buick Riviera Headlight Assembly Instructions?

Replacing a car or truck headlight in a 2011 vehicle usually entails removing a single, small bulb from the rear of the headlight assembly and replacing it. Older model cars -- like the 1969 Buick ... Read More »