Silver-Bucket Reindeer Crafts?

Answer Reindeer crafts are a favorite for holiday or general crafting for adults and children alike. Combine the popular craft item of silver buckets and the theme of reindeer to create a variety of decor... Read More »

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Easy Reindeer Crafts for Kids?

Help your kids pass the time during the holidays by making some crafts revolving around Santa's reindeer. As kids make the reindeer crafts, you can talk to them about the names of the different rei... Read More »

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Crafts for Kids?

With his spunky spirit and sense of individuality, the hero of a foggy Christmas day has become a recognizable symbol of Santa's legend. Children are enamored with the tale of Rudolph the red-nosed... Read More »

Bucket Filler Crafts?

Many schools have embraced the idea of a "bucket filler." This concept originates from a book written by Carol McCloud called "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" The book talks about how everyone has... Read More »

What does 1975 mean on the bottom of a silver wine bucket?

The standard marking for materials made from sterling silver is “925.” The “925” stamp is used to show that a product is 925 parts silver to 75 parts copper per 1,000 parts. The “1975”... Read More »