Silly printing question I need to know?

Answer if your printer is not wireless, then no. you need a receiver for all data transmitted by your laptop. if the desktop is the assigned receiver then you need to have it on.

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I know this is a silly question but i really don't know the answer?

It is most likely that the Modem Dell are offering is the standard 56K dial up modem.If you have broadband you should not need this to connect to the Internet.However this modem will only add a ver... Read More »

Silly question but I WANNA KNOW!?

read thiss :)

Probably a silly question, but i know nothing about computers! Please help!?

Open the settings of your Internet Explorer (Click Tools-->Internet Options-->General (Tab). On this pafe, click delete followed by delete forms.

Silly question I know, but...when corresponding on-line with someone and they write BTW what does it mean?

ok people I think she got the point...ohh BTW it means by the way!!!! hehe lol