Silkworm story/fairy tale?

Answer II would bring some cotton balls or an item made out of cotton, something made out of leather, something made of paper and something made of silk. You could also bring a picture of a silkworm, a m... Read More »

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How to Tell if a Silkworm Is Male or Female?

Raising and breeding silkworms is much easier if you can tell whether your insects are male or female. Telling the difference between male and female silkworms while they are in the larval stage ca... Read More »

The Properties of Silkworm Silk?

The process of making silkworm silk into clothing, bedding and decoration began in China around 2640 B.C. It remained a secret exclusive to China for nearly 2,000 years until it finally spread to o... Read More »

How to Make Silkworm Chow?

Making color-changing silkworm chow requires effort but if you're willing to try to change the silk color, then be willing to make their food this way too. (If you are not playing with color, simpl... Read More »

How often do silkworm farmers feed them?

Silkworms only eat mulberry leaves. Mature silkworms can survive on a feeding schedule of once a week; however, every couple of days is recommended. Young and growing larvae will dehydrate and die ... Read More »