Silk Wrap Overlay Vs. Gel Nail Overlay?

Answer Nothing makes you feel quite as well groomed as a professional manicure. Some women, no matter how hard they try, cannot achieve the perfect nails they have always admired. Both silk wraps and gel ... Read More »

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Can I Get Acrylic Nail Tips with a GEL overlay?

Yessss!! I recommend that! It lasts way longer, mine lasted a full month! The gel is just amazing!

Nail Silk Wrap vs. Acrylic?

Beautiful well-manicured fingernails can help you look more polished and sophisticated. While nail polish comes in nearly every color and shade in the rainbow, nail silk wraps and acrylic nails are... Read More »

How to Do an Overlay Ponytail?

Whether you go to a high-end stylist, or you do it yourself with the help of a friend, you can have a long, silky ponytail in about 10 minutes with an add-on, overlay ponytail. Using an add-on hair... Read More »

How to Overlay DIVs?

There are a number of reasons that you might want to overlay a DIV container on top of other content on your Web page. You may have a message that you want to show to all users when they first visi... Read More »