Silk Steel Vs. Bronze Acoustic Guitar Piezo Pickup?

Answer Piezoelectric (or just piezo) pickups are essentially man-made ceramic crystals that pick up vibrations created by a guitar. These crystals are passive (unpowered) and covered in a sheath to help d... Read More »

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What is an acoustic guitar pickup?

An acoustic guitar pickup is an electromagnetic (or sometimes piezoelectric) device that attaches to an acoustic guitar so that the guitar can be amplified. There are a number of different varietie... Read More »

How to Install a Pickup on an Acoustic Guitar?

Acoustic guitars are valued for their booming, woody tones. At home in nearly every genre of music, acoustics are the instrument of choice for Americana folk musicians, country legends and hard roc... Read More »

How to Install an Acoustic Guitar Pickup System?

There are several acoustic guitar pickup choices, but some involve alteration to the guitar, which should always be handled by a professional guitar technician. Sound hole pickups are typically ins... Read More »

Is nylon or steel the best acoustic guitar for an adult beginner?

On One Hand: Consider Body SizeThough the type of string, whether it's nylon or steel, is important, the size of the guitar is key. Nylon strings are often associated with smaller acoustic guitars,... Read More »