Signs of being molested?

Answer Sighs of being molested especially in children is that the person will become socially awkward, scared of people they don't know, vary quiet and might have stranger issues. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO ... Read More »

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What is it like for a boy to get molested?

Answer I have worked with children and young adults who have been molested, mostly counseling them, getting them professional help and being their mentor. It is probably THE most damaging thing don... Read More »

What do you do if your dad molested you?

Answer Call the police. Then call a lawyer.

How do you ask a child if they have been molested?

Answer You could talk to the child about good touching and bad touching you could even use a doll to use to teach them about good and bad touching and then you can ask them if anyone has ever touch... Read More »

What do you do if your child is molested?

Call the police right away and have the person arrested,and once they are convicted by the court then Contact an attorney and file a civil lawsuit of several hundred thousand dollars against them f... Read More »