Signs of an Exhaust Leak?

Answer The exhaust system is an important part of your vehicle, because it expels burned engine gases from the car. The exhaust also controls emissions of your vehicle, and any damage or leaks to it can a... Read More »

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How to Seal an Exhaust Leak?

Precisely locating an exhaust leak determines how it best can be sealed. Typical exhaust systems are clamped or welded at vital connection points. The nature of the exhaust system and the overall c... Read More »

How to Locate an Exhaust Leak?

If your "check engine" light comes on, if your engine ticks or if you smell antifreeze, your vehicle might have an exhaust leak. Whether you do the repairs yourself or take your car to a mechanic, ... Read More »

How to Detect an Exhaust Leak?

Detecting a leak in your exhaust is a good way to save yourself from getting sold parts and services you do not need at a shop. By diagnosing the exhaust leak yourself, you will know exactly which ... Read More »

How to Find a Car Exhaust Leak?

If your car running poorly, and you just can't figure out why, or if the check engine light on or there is a tick or rumble when you start the car, you may need to have your car examined. These are... Read More »