Signs of a Cracked Head Gasket?

Answer A head gasket is an important component in internal combustion engines by keeping the coolant and oil separate. According to Dennis Parks, author of "The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair," a crac... Read More »

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What Can I Use to Fix a Cracked Head Gasket?

A head gasket is the part of an automobile engine that forms a seal between the engine block and cylinder head, sealing the combustion chambers and protecting leaks of the coolant and oil that run ... Read More »

The Symptoms of a Cracked Head Gasket?

When your mechanic informs you that your car has a blown head gasket, this is not good news. If you aren't sure you can trust your mechanic's diagnosis, there are some signs you can look for. If yo... Read More »

Water in Oil Head Gasket Vs. Cracked Block?

Water and oil do not mix. Finding water in engine oil indicates a serious problem that can result in a disabled vehicle. Check the engine immediately for damage when water is found in the oil.

Symptoms of a Cracked Head Gasket in a Chevrolet Vortex?

A cracked head gasket in a Chevrolet Vortex can spell trouble for the car owner. The head gasket holds the coolant, or anti-freeze, in the radiator; and if it leaks, it can cause the vehicle to ove... Read More »