Signs of a Bad Harmonic Balancer?

Answer The harmonic balancer is the unsung hero of your vehicle's engine. This component works with the camshaft sensor to keep engine components operating smoothly and belts running without slipping. The... Read More »

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How to Fit a Harmonic Balancer?

An engine's harmonic balancer is a device primarily used to reduce the vibrations that an engine produces. These vibrations, if not dampened, can literally rattle the internal engine components apa... Read More »

What Is a Harmonic Balancer?

A harmonic balancer is a device that connects to the front of an engine's crankshaft to reduce vibrations from the crankshaft. It has two parts: a mass that connects to the crankshaft and a larger ... Read More »

What is a Harmonic Balancer on a Car?

Harmonic balancers play an important role in engine performance and longevity. These devices help to cancel out many of the potentially destructive vibrations caused by an engine's high-speed rotat... Read More »

How to Install an LT1 Harmonic Balancer?

General Motors manufactured its modern LT1 engine from 1992 to 1997. This eight-cylinder 5.7-liter engine appears in many high-performance cars from General Motors during this period, such as the C... Read More »