Signs of Tarantulas Molting?

Answer The over 800 species of tarantula are spread out over almost every continent on the planet. Their large hairy bodies and legs can make these spiders look like scary creatures. But tarantulas make q... Read More »

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How to Tell if Your Tarantula Is Molting?

If you are uncertain if your pet tarantula is about to molt, this article may help you. Although it is written more for rose-hair tarantulas, many of these steps apply for other species of tarantulas.

How do I tell if a hermit crab is molting?

Leading up to the MoltMonitor your hermit crab's eating and drinking habits. Hermit crabs that are about to go through a molt will eat and drink more than usual in order to store up fat for their m... Read More »

How do i care for a molting hermit crab?

Isolation TankPrepare an isolation tank to protect the molting crab from harm, especially if you have other crabs in the regular tank. Add 6 inches of fine sand--play sand is a good choice--to the ... Read More »

What color should a hermit crab be after molting?

After molting, a hermit crab's color depends on its diet and specific variety. An Ecuadorian hermit crab may be tan or lavender after molting, while a strawberry hermit crab may be red. A lighter r... Read More »