Signs of Shock Absorber Wear?

Answer Shock absorbers make your ride safer and more comfortable. They help your car tires grip the pavement, and they keep you and your car from bumping around on rough roads. Shock absorbers are part of... Read More »

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What is a shock absorber on a car?

All cars have shock absorbers of some type. Most often, these units are just modified hydraulic rams that function on mechanical principles alone, but some incorporate some surprisingly advanced te... Read More »

How to Fit a Shock Absorber to a Car?

Shock absorbers dampen the suspension of most automobiles, and when they wear out they require replacement. Fitting a shock to a car is a simple process once you have removed the old shock. Just be... Read More »

What Is the Shock Absorber on a Car?

Shock absorbers, also called dampers, are part of a car's suspension system. The suspension system is responsible for helping the driver have control over the car through acceleration, impact and t... Read More »

What Is a Variable Shock Absorber?

Driving a vehicle down a bumpy road would be extremely bouncy and uncomfortable without shock absorbers. Variable shock absorbers allow the shock to adjust automatically to the type of road on whic... Read More »