Signs of Parasite Infection of Cats & Dogs?

Answer Parasites are organisms that live on a host animal such as a dog or cat. These microorganisms cause illness and disease within the host animal by taking nutrients without giving back anything benef... Read More »

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Signs of Rabies in Cats and Dogs?

Rabies is one of the most deadly viruses that affects common house pets. Rabies is often seen in the wild in raccoons, bats, foxes, coyotes and most often in skunks. The infected animal almost alwa... Read More »

Parasite Treatment for Cats?

Cats can suffer from a variety of parasites. Some are only mildly irritating, while others can be dangerous and induce fatal conditions. Parasites are typically divided into two categories: interna... Read More »

How to get rid of persistent parasite infection / pinworms?

Doctors often fail to listen to the patient's complaints. Did you go to a parasitologist? You may have to go to a specialist.There are MANY types of parasites that can take refuge in the human bo... Read More »

Natural Parasite Cleanse for Dogs?

Parasites are a common problem with dogs. Many pet owners seek to use a natural cleanse for dogs to rid their pets of parasites because these treatments are thought to be less harsh than commercial... Read More »