Signs of Pain in Dogs?

Answer Dogs not only hide pain symptoms from their owners very well, they also can't verbally indicate that something may be wrong. In some cases, pain symptoms are confusing. A dog who is constantly scra... Read More »

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Are Hip pain low back pain for 2months cramping pregnancy signs?

Pregnancy signs vary. The first sign you will get is a missed period. You should take a pregnancy test if you have had unprotected intercourse and have missed your period.

Signs of Old Age in Dogs?

Dogs age just like humans. The signs of aging are gradual and may vary based on the individual dog. However, smaller breeds tend to live longer and reach their senior years later than large breed d... Read More »

Signs of Coccidia in Dogs?

Coccidia are single-celled organisms that can make your puppy or dog mildly to fatally ill. Six genera of Coccidia can infect dogs, and within each genus are multiple species. The most common of th... Read More »

Signs of Heart Worms in Dogs?

Heart worms were first identified in 1847 and in recent years the disease has been found in all 50 states, according to the Pet Education website. Heart worms can be found in dogs, cats and in huma... Read More »