Signs of Infant Hunger?

Answer Infants are generally fed every two to three hours, but it is also important to know the signs when your baby is hungry for those times when a strict schedule isn't kept. There are things your baby... Read More »

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Could an increase in sex drive and hunger and cold and a pulling sensation around the abdomen be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It could be, i think the increase in sex drive does happen for sure, but i don't think it is normally before the period is due??? I had a lot of pulling and pressure in the abdomen as well d... Read More »

Could nausea unusual hunger sore breasts and spotting after using a treadmill be signs of pregnancy?

Answer Hello,I doubt using a treadmill causes any of the above symptoms hun but these are pregnancy symptoms so you may be pregnant. Perform a pregnancy test if your period doesn't arrive. Please ... Read More »

How long does it take for an infant with sub dural hematoma to show signs?

How much can an infant lose before showing significant signs and symptoms of bleeding?