Signs of Fuel Pump Problems?

Answer Your fuel pump is an essential part of your vehicle's operating system. It is responsible for moving the fuel out of your gas tank and into your vehicle's engine. If your fuel pump experiences prob... Read More »

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Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump in Snowmobiles?

A fuel pump is an important item in any automotive vehicle, from pickup trucks to snowmobiles. If the fuel pump begins to fail, you must replace it; without it, your fuel won't get to the engine an... Read More »

What Are the Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump?

Symptoms of a failed fuel pump can easily be confused with different mechanical problems and can be hard to diagnose. Even the best mechanic can be fooled and this can result in unnecessary repair ... Read More »

Signs of a Faulty Fuel Pump?

Fuel pump problems can be hard to diagnose because the symptoms mimic other problems. A fuel pump should last as long as the vehicle, but sometimes it will fail because of a plugged fuel filter or... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Diaphragm in a Fuel Pump?

Most modern cars are equipped with electric fuel pumps that are mounted either inside the gas tank or in-line with the fuel line. Older vehicles were typically equipped with mechanical fuel pumps t... Read More »