Signs of Dysgraphia?

Answer On the surface, writing seems like a simple task; however, complex motor skills are at work whenever pencil meets paper. Dysgraphia is a learning disorder that negatively affects an individual's ab... Read More »

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Resources for Dysgraphia?

The American Psychiatric Institute defines dysgraphia as deficient writing skills substantially below the level appropriate for the person's age, intelligence and education. The inability to write ... Read More »

Solutions for Dysgraphia?

Students sufferering from dysgraphia often have issues with poor handwriting, spelling and putting thoughts into writing. Although many children with this disorder have poor handwriting, this alone... Read More »

The Difference Between Agraphia & Dysgraphia?

Although agraphia and dysgraphia both affect the ability of an individual to write, their causes and effects are very different from one another. The treatment for agraphia and dysgraphia also differ.

Suggestions for Students With Dysgraphia?

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that manifests in the way students write. Students with dysgraphia write slowly, often having difficulty getting the ideas down on paper and keeping letters on t... Read More »