Signs of Black Widows?

Answer Widow spiders are most prevalent throughout the southern and western states, according to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Though venomous, widow bites rarely result in death. Cases ... Read More »

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Are there spiders that look like black widows?

Just use some spray glue on it and forget it. I have never seen any other spiders in my area that looks like the deadly Black Widow. That's why I only use spray glue on those so they don't get a c... Read More »

How to hook up old peavey cs 800 and sp2 black widows?

Hook it up the normal way - your left and right output from your mixer will go to inputs one and two on the amp (or left and right). Connect one speaker to speaker output one and the other to two... Read More »

Signs and Symptoms of Black Mold in the Home?

Black mold is an infestation of toxic spores that can cause health problems to you, your family and your pets. Black mold usually grows in moist areas and can be found in drywall, insulation, sheet... Read More »

How do I get to MS Dos mode in Widows XP?

you can get to the DOS promt by clicking on the start menu, then run...when the box opens type cmd, then click "ok" or hit enter