Signs of Being Filled with the Spirit ?

Answer For charismatic and Pentecostal Christians, being "filled with the Spirit" is a blessing from God that accompanies salvation. If you belong to a charismatic church and wonder whether someone in you... Read More »

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How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

There are several ways of understanding "Filling with the Holy Spirit." Some people teach that it happens at conversion: when one asks Jesus into his or her heart. Others believe that filling occur... Read More »

What is the difference between Oil-filled vs water-filled space heaters?

Answer I am assuming you mean an enclosed heater. Oil stay hot longer & does not rust.

Can denatured spirit be used to make surgical spirit?

Yes, denatured spirit can be used to make surgical spirit.Ethyl alcohol denatured with methyl alcohol is used for surgical purposeSurgical spirit is 70% denatured ethanol

What are the signs the most obvious signs that your Computer has a virus?

If when you turn the computer on it locks up in POST for longer than 30seconds you have a virus. This is basically a BIOS orientated bug that sits in the Master Boot Record of your hard drive. If h... Read More »