Signs of Adultery?

Answer Sometimes it's hard to tell if your spouse is cheating on you or if you are just being insecure. However there are ways to tell that something is amiss. Pay close attention to your spouse's daily h... Read More »

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Legal Separation & Adultery?

Adultery, or the act of having sexual intercourse with a third party while legally married to another party, is a legal as well as moral issue. This is particularly true when a couple is not yet di... Read More »

Is adultery against the law in California?

Adultery is not illegal in California, though cheating is a breach of the California Family Code that includes "fidelity" in the marriage contract, states attorney and family law specialist Kelly ... Read More »

Is adultery punishable in the military?

AnswerThe Uniform Code of Military Justice, the military criminal code, bars married service members from having extramarital sex and unmarried service members from sleeping with married people. Ho... Read More »

Punishments for Adultery in Tribal Societies?

The punishment ascribed to offenses of adultery vary among past and present tribal societies, from simple fines to mutilating death. The oldest law written on a tablet to have survived addresses ad... Read More »