Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Furnace Thermocouple?

Answer The thermocouple is a vital furnace part that helps to keep you safe when the furnace is running for the season. Thermocouples are used on furnaces with standing pilot flames. The part shuts off th... Read More »

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You replaced the thermocouple on your furnace but pilot still goes out when button released?

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You replaced the thermocouple in your furnace but the pilot light still goes out when button is released?

Answer The pilot flame has to encompass the top half inch of the thermocouple. A dirty pilot will sometimes point the flame away and therefore not heat the thermocouple enough to hold. Take a small... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Pressure Switch in a Furnace?

A well-designed furnace has safety features incorporated into the equipment to prevent problems. Among the safety devices in a furnace is the pressure switch. When the furnace begins the ignition s... Read More »

Furnace Pressure Switch Symptoms?

A gas-powered, forced-air heating system sends heated air through a network of ducts and vents throughout a home. Gas-powered systems use natural or LP gas as a combustion material to warm a homeâ€... Read More »