Signs Your Cat Is Pregnant?

Answer Often cat owners don't recognize the signs of pregnancy until the second trimester. There may be some signs early on that your cat might be becoming a mother soon, but it's really not until the sec... Read More »

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Why have i been feeling very pregnant lately howeverI took a preg test and it came up negative however I still have all the signs that i am very pregnant. help please?

Answer go see a doctor is my advice!and do another pregnancy test

What are signs that you are pregnant?

A missed period, morning sickness (nausea), along with rising HCG levels (which is what will make for a positive pregnancy test). == Answer ==Sometimes there are so many symptoms like morning sick... Read More »

What are some signs of being pregnant?

Answer Feeling Nauseouscramps that feel like premenstal crampsa bloated feelingfeeling emotional (if you are pregnant you are going through hormonal changes which may effect your emotions)

What are the signs that you could be pregnant?

Answer Not having a period, feeling sick a lot, tender breasts. All women are different. Take a test or go see a doctor and find out for sure.