Signs You Are Allergic to Tanning Bed Sanitizer?

Answer Use of tanning beds is supposed to improve your skin's texture and tone, so what could be causing the rash you might notice after basking under the UV lamps? You may be allergic to the sanitizer us... Read More »

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Allergic Reactions to Tanning Beds?

A tanning bed allows you to achieve the same bronzed look to the skin that spending time in the sun would do for your complexion. However, tanning beds have the added benefit of even tan coverage, ... Read More »

What are Signs that a baby is allergic to milk?

Well Start off with the 8 year old girl's favorite color make the walls that color and the same color on the floor make the floor kinda fluffy. Then the curtains does not matter that much but if yo... Read More »

On 'The Brady Bunch' Jan wasn't allergic to Tiger What was she allergic to?

If one is allergic to cats dogs and most other things that cause common allergies is it likely they would be allergic to common house birds?

Allergies to birds? It depends on whether you are allergic to feathers and/or the dust that comes off when they preen and shake.You should go to the doctor and get a test done. Until then be cautio... Read More »