Signs That Your RAM is Overclocked?

Answer Random access memory (RAM) is a critical component inside your computer that stores system files and data. Unlike hard disks that need to physically spin and rely on a moving head to read and acces... Read More »

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What are the signs the most obvious signs that your Computer has a virus?

If when you turn the computer on it locks up in POST for longer than 30seconds you have a virus. This is basically a BIOS orientated bug that sits in the Master Boot Record of your hard drive. If h... Read More »

Whats a good gaming motherboard that doesn't need to be overclocked?

Depends on a lot of things. What sort of features do you need from a motherboard? Dual BIOS? Multiple graphics card slots? Standard PCI slots for a TV tuner card perhaps? Do you need onboard video?... Read More »

Signs That Your Car Is Out of Alignment?

When your vehicle is "in alignment," it means it travels in a straight line with all tires pointing in the same direction, wearing down evenly. Your car's alignment may suffer after an accident, hi... Read More »

Signs That Your Dog Is Intuitive?

Dogs, particularly those with a close relationship to their humans, sometimes seems to know something is going to happen before it does, whether it's a thunderstorm, an owner's epileptic seizure or... Read More »